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West Virginia's Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan and 2012-2013 Milestones are available in the Documents section.

Welcome to the home of West Virginia's Chesapeake Bay Initiative. This site is intended to serve as a resource to all those interested in how West Virginia is doing its part to help restore local streams and the Chesapeake Bay.

Reducing nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment in local creeks and rivers will mean healthier water resources that are better able to sustain tourism, fishing, drinking water supplies, wildlife habitat, and other uses. These reductions are anticipated to come from a variety of sectors including point sources such as municipal wastewater treatment plants and industry, and nonpoint sources such as agriculture, forestry, urban, and suburban land uses. This means that each one of us can act locally to help achieve the goals.


WV Phase 2 WIP:

WV Chesapeake Bay Phase 2 WIP Document and Appendixies


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Project Teams

  • Opequon
  • Sleepy Creek
  • Mill Creek South Branch
  • Rockymarsh
  • WV Stormwater Network
  • Elks Run Study Committee

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