mcd Board of Supervisors

Agricultural Enhancement Program Applications

Please print, fill out, and mail completed application(s) back to:
201 Scott Avenue
Morgantown, WV 26508
There will also be a dropbox outsde to the door of the building to drop off applications.

Conservation Agreement Bale Grazing Fence Application
Hay Reseeding Heavy Use Area Invasive Species Management
Lime Application Nutrient Management Pasture Reseeding
Pollinator Planting Summer Annuals Urban Agriculture
Water Development Winter Grazing  

Rental Equipment Available
The equipment listed below is for rent by the Monongahela Conservation district.
Please call 304-296-0180 to inquire about the rental schedule.

2 ton and 4 ton Lime Spreaders
-Daily Rental, $50.00
-Weekend Rental, $75.00
Post-Driver/Auger Combination
-Daily Rental, $100.00
-Weekend Rental, $150.00
No-Till Seeder
-$10.00 per acre
Spring Boxes
-18x30, $40.00
Float Valves
-1-1/4 Valve and 6"x12" Aluminum Float w/12" of zinc chain, $70.00
Spring Box Lids
-18" Diameter Concrete, $20.00
Geotextile Fabric (Typar)
-12.5 feet wide, $1.19 per linear foot
Copper Pipes
-copper perforated pipe for spring box, $30.00

Recent Activity

MCD August 6, 2020 Board Meeting - 7/31/20
posted by: Amy Cosco

You are invited to attend the Monongahela Conservation District’s August Teleconference Board Meeting.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 6, 2020 @ 9:30 am

+1 (202) 870-5794

+1 (855) 369-0475

Conference ID: 9574694