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Little Kanawha District

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Agenda March 2019 - 3/8/19
posted by: Jessica Nichols

Little Kanawha Conservation District

Board of Supervisors Meeting

March 12, 2019, 10:00 AM

Mill Run Ag Service Center, Parkersburg, WV

----- Agenda Topics -----

Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance

Introduction of Visitors – Their reports and concerns

District Business

M       Minutes of Previous Meeting

D/M  Approval of Financial Reported Items

D/M  Approval of Cooperators

Agreements – Oshel Cunningham – Wood County

                     Larry Smith – Wood County

Terminations – None

D       Correspondence – Non-Action Items

D/M  Correspondence – Action Items –

  • Wirt County Wetland Fund Request
  • WVU Soils Team Request Letter
  • Ritchie County Fair & Exposition Sponsorship Request

Report of Agencies and Others

LKCD Associate Supervisors Report

          Field Staff Report, NRCS, District, Jason Crislip

          Field Staff Report, LKCD, Mikayla Hayes

Field Staff Report, Forestry

          Field Staff Report, WVCA

          FSA, Eleanor Porter

WV DNR Report, Jeff McCrady

          LK RC&D Report –

          Solid Waste Authority Report  

WVU Extension


Special Items of Interest

D/M  Emergency Watershed Program/Stream Protection & Restoration Program

D/M  North Fork Hughes River Updates & Issues

  • Debris Removal Update
  • Gas Well Update

Bluebird Houses Update

Garage Cleanout 

D/M  Calhoun County Supervisor Position

D/M  Landjudging Contest Update


Local, National & State Meeting Report

Envirothon Committee

Appalachian Grazing Conference Committee

Grazing Land Committee

Active District Committee Reports

D/M  Equipment Committee       

D/M  Ag Enhancement Committee

Budget Committee – Set Committee Meeting Date


District Manager, Jessica Nichols

WVCA Report, Kim Fisher

Closing Activities

Calendar of Events

Motion to Adjourn

D – Discussion        M – Possible Motion

Two Free Forage Samples for LKCD Landowners - 12/28/16
posted by: Jessica Nichols

Have you ever had your forage tested? A simple core test can be done to enable you to know the nutrient values of your hay.

These are analysis for beef cattle, horses, and sheep productions. Determining the nutritional values of your stored feeds will allow you to determine the supplements that you will need.

A conservation specialist will obtain either a sample from your field or get a core from your hay bales for only a charge of $25, that fee covers: using her equipment, making the visit to your farm, and bagging, packaging and postage for the samples. Oh did I mention the Little Kanawha Conservation District also pays for two of your samples. Then you just pay for what type of testing you are wanting done from either Basic or Protein and fiber for the rest of your samples. Samples from the field are taken approximately one week before you cut the field. Hay bales can be sampled after 30 days from being baled. Fermentation needs to be completed, which is usually 3 weeks after being baled.

The samples will be analyzed and the results will be sent to you as well as the Little Kanawha Conservation District. We supply assistance to Calhoun, Ritchie, Roane, Wirt and Wood counties.  If you are located in these counties and would like to schedule an appointment for the District Conservation Specialist to assist you in taking advantage of this farm management opportunity for the small fee of $25 , call the Little Kanawha Conservation District at (304) 422- 9072, Ext. 122. We will be happy to arrange a time that is convenient for you


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