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Riparian Resources

ACF Environmental - 1/20/12
posted by: Jami Thompson

ACF Environmental
has been solving site development problems for more than 25 years. Whether you’re dealing with unstable soils, trying to keep mud out of your drains, or looking for the most cost effective way to rehabilitate a deteriorating parking lot, look to ACF for solutions.

ACF offers a variety of engineering “Lunch and Learn” seminars featuring innovative, proven and cost effective geosynthetic solutions for all phases of site development. Click here to see our “menu” of topics and sign up.

Let ACF buy lunch for your estimators, project managers, compliance officers, etc. and introduce a smorgasboard of geosynthetic solutions that can add value to your bottom line.

Contech ~ Stormwater Solutions - 1/20/12
posted by: Jami Thompson


® Steelhead®

CONTECH Stormwater Solutions (CSS, www.stormwater360.com) is a progressive, innovative company with a mission to preserve and protect water resources worldwide. In addition to a complete line of filtration, screening, and separation products, CSS also helps its customers meet regulatory requirements by offering end-to-end stormwater management solutions. CSS’ story begins in 2004 when Vortechnics, a Maine based manufacturer of stormwater treatment products, merged with Stormwater Management of Portland, Oregon. The resulting company, since acquired by CONTECH Construction Products and known as CSS, is a $100 million company that operates from the original two sites at opposite ends of North America, with a third site in Maryland, all linked by their MPLS WAN. For Mike Haskell, IT Manager at CSS, the distributed nature of their facilities presented a host of challenges. Enabling simultaneous bi-coastal order entry and smooth ERP conversion came first, but implementing real-time design and high-quality VoIP and video conferencing systems over existing T1 lines were critical to providing their customers with the innovation and quality they had come to expect from CSS.

Rain for Rent - 1/20/12
posted by: Jami Thompson

Rain for Rent has been setting the performance standard for complete liquid handling solutions since 1934. The experienced professionals at Rain for Rent design and install a system that will provide a solution for each customer's unique project in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our solutions, be it water filtration system or dewatering system, can be tailored for a specific industry job site, from the simplest liquid-handling solution to the most complex, large flow bypass pumping job. Every product and solution we offer is specifically designed to provide maximum value to our customers.

At Rain for Rent, you can rent with confidence. From the water pumps and pipe for infrastructure improvement, liquid storage tanks for environmental projects, filtration systems to help meet discharge restrictions, dewatering boxes for waste minimization and a myriad of other unique solutions.

Call us for safe, cost-effective, creative solutions today! Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, nationwide.

East Coast Erosion Blankets, LLC - 1/20/12
posted by: Jami Thompson
East Coast Erosion Blankets, LLC was founded in 2002 with a commitment to provide quality products and superior service. Though our company and product line has grown considerably, we remain faithful to that original vision. It is the backbone of our business and our customer relationships.

By following and strictly adhering to that mission statement, we've become one of the leading manufacturers and providers of a global portfolio of erosion and sediment control products. This growth has been helped along by an executive team with more than 100 years of management and operational experience. ECEB's large product portfolio allows us to provide a solution to any erosion control issue.

Also, East Coast Erosion Blankets, LLC is supported by an engineering and technical staff. The products are designed using current large-scale test methods, and results are reviewed by third-party engineers.

Our innovations team is constantly striving to develop new and refine existing products.

East Coast Erosion Blankets, LLC's commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction has established a new standard for the rolled erosion control blanket market. We welcome and look forward to your inquiries and to helping you achieve your business' or agency's project goals.

East Coast Erosion Blankets, LLC has multiple manufacturing facilities to expedite the shipping process and minimize costs.

Ernst Seeds - 1/20/12
posted by: Jami Thompson

Restoration, Conservation, and Wildlife

Ernst Seeds specializes in native and naturalized seeds and plant material of Eastern North American ecotypes, cleaned and tested to U.S. standards. Ernst supplies the highest quality seeds, mixes, and bioengineering products for restoration, reclamation, and conservation applications.

Wildflowers, native grasses, trees, and shrubs can naturalize your landscape, conserve water, reduce chemical requirements, and offer cover and food for birds and other wildlife. Ernst Seeds has built a history of establishing seed production of new species never before available.

Ernst Seeds has concentrated its efforts on providing the highest quality native seeds and plants for the entire East Coast (including Canada) and the Midwest. With its native seed production beginning in Pennsylvania, Ernst has developed other production centers in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. Ernst Seeds has done extensive studies of ecological regions, selected diverse species, and developed native mixes that cover these special ecosystems.

McCrone, Inc. - 1/20/12
posted by: Jami Thompson

McCrone, Inc. is a civil engineering and land surveying firm with extensive experience in all aspects of land development. Our clients include federal, state, county, and municipal governments, as well as private sector firms. From its beginning in 1937, McCrone has grown from a family-owned firm, specializing in land surveying, to a full-service surveying and civil engineering firm. Our highly qualified staff of technical and professional personnel includes engineers, surveyors, and technicians, one third of whom are registered professionals. Our design centers are strategically located throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

McCrone, Inc. has proven its ability to accomplish projects within time and cost limitations. Although each location is independent, each branch office brings a talented pool of registered engineers, designers, engineering technicians, surveyors, construction engineers, and inspectors to the table, giving McCrone the advantage to “shift workloads” as needed to meet the needs and demands of our clients. Our survey team consists of experienced licensed surveyors, survey techs, party chiefs, drafters, and instrument technicians.

Landscape Supply, Inc. - 1/20/12
posted by: Jami Thompson


Wolbert & Master, Inc. - 1/20/12
posted by: Jami Thompson
Wolbert & Master has been supplying erosion control solutions to the green industry, landscape contractors, excavators and dozens of other industries for more than four decades. Besides providing state-of-the-art erosion control products, we also provide industry expertise and insight to help you and your crews do the job right the first time. If you need to grow grass or keep dirt in place, you need to call us. Our expert consultants can recommend subcontractors, products and machines to fit your job specs and your budget. We are more than a supplier of competively priced erosion control goods; we are your one-stop shop for equitably priced consultation in a niche market. So contact Wolbert & Master today and discover how we can help you do the job right the first time.


State Tree Nursery Selling Seedline - 2/25/11
posted by: Jami Thompson

Contact:  Leslie Fitzwater, Public Information Specialist, 304.957.9342 or 304.541.8102, Leslie.C.Fitzwater@wv.gov

State Tree Nursery Selling Seedlings

Order yours now for best selection

West Columbia, W.Va. – Although several species of conifers and hardwoods have sold out at Clements State Tree Nursery, there are plenty of species left to choose from.

Various species of pine, oak, dogwood and hickory are available as well as Norway spruce, sugar maple and Douglas fir. Prices range from $.15 per tree to $1 per tree, depending on the number of seedlings ordered. There is a 20 percent discount offered on orders of 5,000 or more.

Seedlings can be planted for future Christmas trees, to improve habitat for wildlife, control erosion and improve the environment.

A catalog of available seedlings is online at www.wvcommerce.org/ClementsNursery. Order forms can be printed from the website and mailed to Clements State Tree Nursery, 624 Forestry Drive, West Columbia, WV 25287.

Forms also are available at the Division of Forestry’s regional offices in Farmington, Romney, Beckley, Parkersburg and Milton. Orders also are taken by phone at 304-675-1820.

For more information, visit the Division of Forestry’s website at www.wvforestry.com.


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