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2014 WVWN Photo Contest - 4/7/14
posted by: Jami Thompson
The West Virginia Watershed Network (WVWN) is sponsoring a “People’s Choice” Photo Contest for 2014. The purpose of the contest is to give volunteers the opportunity to showcase the outstanding water quality work that is taking place within their watershed. A picture can be worth a thousand words. Good photographs can lend a helping hand to numerous projects; they strengthen publicity, make a newsletter more appealing, and reveal the beauty of a watershed. The top three winning photographs will be voted on by attendees and announced at the 16th Annual Watershed Celebration Day. All entries will be showcased on the WVWN web page photo gallery. Put those digital cameras to work and send in your jpg file entries by: August 15, 2014 to wrc@wvca.us.

Winning photographs will be posted in the 2014 Winter Water Net, scheduled for release on December 15, 2014 and announced on the WVWN web page.

Please see the attachment for additional details and guidelines.

Attachments: 4517_2014 WVWN Photo Contest.pdf
Stream Partners Yearbook on Web - 2/22/12
posted by: Jami Thompson

Stream Partners Yearbook on Web

The West Virginia DEP’s NonPoint Source Program has just published its 2010-2011 Stream Partners Yearbook. It can be located on the NonPoint Source Program website at http://www.dep.wv.gov/WWE/getinvolved/WSA_Support/Pages/StreamPartners.aspx  and on the West Virginia Conservation Agency’s website at http://www.wvca.us/stream.cfm.

West Virginia Stream Partners Program is a cooperative effort of the Department of Environmental Protection, the Division of Forestry, the Division of Natural Resources and the West Virginia Conservation Agency. The program’s purpose us to support community groups that are dedicated to assuring that their local rivers and streams are safe for: swimming, fishing, recreation, public and commercial purposes and provide habitat for plant and animal life.

Seed grants, up to $5,000, are available each year to applicants that are willing to organize community members to plan and complete a watershed improvement project. Applications are available online at www.wvca.us/stream.cfm.

In September of 2010 the West Virginia Stream Partners Program awarded twenty-two local watershed associations grants of up to $5,000. These watershed volunteers spent the year coordinating their goals with those of state and federal agencies, local government and watershed stakeholders to implement projects that range from educational field days to on the ground stream restoration. Each of these organizations is very unique. Each has its own set of skills, abilities and obstacles.

The Stream Partners Program provides the volunteers with a small financial resource, technical support, and organizational skills.

The annual yearbook will highlight each association’s individuality and successes.

The West Virginia Stream Partners Program is truly a state-wide cooperative effort. Program support is provided by staff from each of the four partner agencies and the grant fund is an annual legislative appropriation.


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