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WVWN Minutes

All attendees lists and meeting minutes are posted in PDF format. All presentations are in PowerPoint format.

West Virginia Watershed Network
Program Update Meeting
Location: NRCCE Condrence Services
Wednesday, January 30 2013

- WVWN Program Meeting Agenda

- Attendees Contact Information


- Water Research Institute, Brady Gutta, WRI
- Northern WV Brownsfields Assistance Center, Luke Elser, NBAC
- VISTA Program and Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team, April Trent, ACCT
- Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan, Sandy Rogers, REAP
- In Lieu Fee Program, Glenn McLernon, WV DEP
- Watershed Cooperative Agreement Program (WCAP), Nancy Roberts, OSMRE
- Clean Water Act Section 319 Nonpoint Source Program, Tim Craddock, WV DEP
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2009 Region 3 NPS/TMDL/WQM/WQS/Program Annual Meeting
Martinsburg, WV
May 12-13, 2009
- Attendees List
- Meeting Schedule

- Marcellus_Overview_by_Amy_Bergdale
- GRTS_Metric_Reports
- VADEQ_Biological_Monitoring_Self_Assessment_by_A_Genung
- Maryland_Approach_to_Sucess_Stories_by_Jim_George
- Chesapeake_Bay_TMDL_by_Jennifer_Sincock
- Incremental_Measure_Progress_and_R3_Conditions_Report_by_Larry_Merrill
- Marcellus_Shale_Drilling_In_West_Virginia_by_Pat_Campbell
- Strengthening_the_State-Tribal Federal_Partnership
- National_Environmental_Status_and_Trends_(NEST)_Indicator_Project_by_Susan_Holdsworth
- Total_Dissolved_Solids_The_Challenges_Ahead_by_Maggie_Passmore
- Biological_Criteria_by_Maggie_Passmore
- Nutrient_Criteria_by_Mark_Barath
- Elk_Headwaters_Comprehensive_Watershed_Plan_by_Evan_Hansen_and_Fritz_Boettner
- VUSP_Sustainable_Stormwater_Presentation_by_Robert_Traver

March 17, 2009
- Attendees List
- Announcement WV Forum on Statewide Water Sampling

Morning Presentations
- 2009 Watershed Assessment Section Update
- ORSANCO_WQ_Monitoring_Programs
- USGS Data Resources and Access
- WV Dept of Ag Water Quality Monitoring Program
- WVDEP Waternet

Afternoon Presentations
- Aquatic Programs Administered by the WVDNR
- Elkhorn Diesel Spill Study
- Geospatial Technologies related to Statewide water sampling programs
- Sampling within the WV NPDES Permitting Program
- Water Quality Monitoring and Mapping Assessment for Watershed Scale Restoration Planning in the Cheat Watershed
- West Virginia SDWA Data Availability
- WVDEP Division of Mining and Reclamation
- WVDEP Office of Abandoned Mine Lands
- WVDEP Special Reclamation Program
- WVSOS Website (pdf)

December 3, 2008
- Attendees List

- Low Cost Deer Exclusion for Forested Riparian Buffer Plantings (3MB)
- Reymann Memorial Farm Demo Project (40MB)
- Sleepy Creek Watershed Association Riparian Planting Project (1MB)
- West Virginia Watershed Network - 2008 Winter Meeting (400MB)
- Friends of Deckers Creek - Youth Advisory Board (20MB)

2008 10th Anniversary Watershed Celebration Day
- Attendees List

December 3, 2007
- Attendees List

- Resources for Restoring Streams Impaired by Acid Mine Drainage (2MB)
- The Extent of AMD Pollution in West Virginia (16MB)
- Clean Water Act 319 and AMD(38MB)
- Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Program (5MB)
- The Extent of AMD Pollution in West Virginia (16MB)
- Wellman Cheat Watershed (40MB)

March 15, 2006
- Attendees List
- Meeting Minutes

- Wastewater Treatment Activities Roundtable Discussion (40KB)
- Southern WV 340 Environmental Infrastructure Program (264KB)
- Central WV 571 Environmental Infrastructure Program (349KB)
- US Army Corps of Engineers Budgeting Process (460KB)
- OSM's Watershed Cooperative Agreement Program (3MB)
- Watershed Management Framework Prioritization (1MB)

Project Summaries
- McDowell Project Summary
- Upper Guyandotte Project Summary

- WV DEP Programs Involved in Wastewater Issues



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