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Agricultural Enhancement Program - 8/29/12
posted by: Anita Crance

GVCD Agricultural Enhancement Program


The purpose of the Agricultural Enhancement Program is to increase profitability and sustainability by encourageing farm productivity through conservating soil and implementing best management practices.                                              

The GVCD now has an approved Agricultural Enhancement Program for Fiscal Year 2016!  A signup for available practices under AgEP was held September 1-15, 2015 for the following practices:

Lime, Invasive Species, Cover Crop, Fencing and Water Development.  All applicants for each practice will be ranked.  Approvals, including name and practice must be published on the district's website, as well as in a local newspaper of general circulation.   All applications taken during the signup perios are currently being ranked for approval consideration.  We regret that we can no longer accept applications for Agricultural Enhancement practices at this time.  Please check back with us for future signup opportunities as funds are available.

For further information about the Agricultural Enhancement Program, or if you would like assistance with soil, forage or fecal sampling,  producers may contact the GVCD office at 179 Northridge Drive, Lewisburg, WV  (Lewisburg USDA Service Center) 304-645-6173; or Grassland Technicians Barrett (Barry) Level at the Lewisburg USDA Service Center at 304-645-6172 extension 110; cell phone 304-520-2318.

Office hours for the GVCD are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.