Agricultural Enhancement Program

If you have not registered as a Cooperator with they Guyan Conservation district you will need to fill out Conservation Agreement and W9 Form as well as the application for the program(s) you are looking for.
Once filled out please mail or bring the forms to the District Office (below):
2631 5th Street Road
Huntington, WV 25701

Most practices will require a recent (within the past 3 years) Soil Sample as well. If you have not had one please also bring a sample and the Soil Sample Submission Form as well.

• Conservation Agreement and W9 Form • Soil Sample Submission Form

Program Applications - Hover the mouse over a practice to see a brief description
Cover Crop Application Frost Seeding Heavy Use Area
Invasive Species Lime Application Pasture Reseeding
Pollinator Habitat Nutrient Management Urban Agriculture

Guyan Best Management Practices Video (best viewed full screen)

District Information

GCD August 17, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes - 9/25/23
posted by: Dreama Brand

AgEP Application Approvals

Kevin Black                   CC            $    185.00

Marlin Blake                  NM            $  2000.00

Marlin Blake                  PS            $    750.00

Thomas Copley             Lime           $  4032.00

Mike Cyrus                  Lime            $  3108.00

Gary Jeffers                 Lime            $    756.00

James Jefferson           Lime            $  1528.80

Bruce Miller                Lime             $  1092.00

Bruce Miller               HUA              $  2000.00

Dan Price                  UA                $  1500.00

Charles Simpson       NM                $  2000.00

Charles Simpson      HUA               $  2000.00

Brad Stephens         IS                   $    200.00

Tabatha Ekers         CC                  $    500.00

New Cooperators

Dan Price                Lincoln County

Brad Stephens        Wayne County

AgEP Payment Approvals

Patty Watson         UA                 $ 1219.57

Freda Woods         UA                 $ 1500.00

Zackary Winters    UA                 $ 1296.00

Kenneth Brown     NM                 $ 1783.50

Soil Health Initiative Program

David Wood              $1140.00--Pending site visit

Freda Woods           $  720.00

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February 16 23 Board Meeting Minutes - 9/5/23
posted by: Dreama Brand

New Cooperators for FY24

Alma Hager                     Lincoln County

Shane Messenger           Cabell County

AgEP FY 23 Approvals

Ronnie Hager                Urban Ag                    $400.00

Jesse Napier                 Urban Ag                   $ 500.00

Alma Hager                  Urban Ag                    $ 400.00

Shane Messenger        Urban Ag                     $800.00

AgEP Payment Approval

Dorothy Stewart           Urban Ag                   $500.00  (Trellis)

AgEP Practice Cancelation

Jack Black                 Urban Ag                    $ 900.00


March 16 23 Board Meeting Minutes - 9/5/23
posted by: Dreama Brand

Approval of New Cooperators

William Spaulding                 Wayne County

Alexis Campbell                    Wayne County

AgEP Extension Request

Rodney Dials                        Heavy  Use Area

AgEP Payment Approvals

Donna Ferrell                        Urban Ag                         $2500.00

Alma Hager                          Urban Ag                         $  400.00

Ronnie Hager                       Urban Ag                         $  400.00

Charles Simpkins                 Urban Ag                         $1500.00

Soil Health Initative Program

Kathy Davis                                                               $1440.00

Dorothy Stewart                                                        $ 1440.00


April 20,23 Board Meeting Minutes - 9/5/23
posted by: Dreama Brand

New Cooperators

Eric McGhee                          Lincoln County

Richard Lackey                      Lincoln County

Rickie Adkins                        Lincoln County

Jessica Ferguson                  Cabell County

AgEp Payment Approvals

Shane Messenger                 Urban Ag                  $ 600.00

Rodney Dials                        Urban Ag                  $1250.00

AgEP Practice Cancelations

Jesse Napier                         Urban Ag                 $ 500.00

Soil Health Initiative Program

Cathy Napier                        Urban Ag                  $1440.00


May 18,23 Board Meeting Minutes - 9/5/23
posted by: Dreama Brand

AgEP 23 Approvals

Shayla Lucas                Urban Ag                           $100.00


AgEP Soil Health Initiative Program

Joshua Yates                                          $   288.00

Wilford Poston                                        $ 1440.00


June 15,23 Board Meeting Minutes - 9/5/23
posted by: Dreama Brand

AgEP Payment Approvals

Joanne Betler                           $1050.00                                  Pollinator Plot

Jonathan Black                        $1050.00                                  Pollinator Plot

Ken Brown                               $1050.00                                  Pollinator Plot

Tony Clay                                $   210.00                                 Pollinator Plot

Kim Cooper                             $ 1050.00                                  Pollinator Plot

Thomas Copley                       $  1050.00                                  Pollinator Plot

Kathy Davis                            $ 1050.00                                   Pollinator Plot

Jamil Eskins                           $ 1050.00                                   Pollinator Plot

Shayla Lucas                         $    100.00                                   Pollinator Plot

Ronnie Plybon                        $ 1050.00                                    Pollinator Plot

Charles Simpson                    $ 1050.00                                    Pollinator Plot                                                                        

James Spry                           $    250.00                                   Invasive Species

Dorothy Stewart                     $ 1050.00                                     Pollinator Plot

Oscar Willis                          $ 1050.00                                     Pollinator Plot

Keith Viers                            $ 1050.00                                    Pollinator Plot


Soil Health Initiative Program

Ronnie Hager                        $ 720.00


July 20,23 Board Meeting Minutes - 9/5/23
posted by: Dreama Brand

AgEP  24 New Cooperator Approvals

Pamela Balance                          Wayne County

Thomas Calhoun                          Lincoln County

Charles Cyrus                              Wayne County

Richard Lackey                            Lincoln County

Johnny Rollins                             Boone County

Sarah Simpkins                           Cabell County

Rachel Stefanini                          Cabell County

Patty Watson                             Lincoln County

Freda Woods                              Boone County


AgEP 24 Approvals

Pamela Balance                         $1500.00

Thomas Calhoun                        $1500.00

Ronald Clark                             $  600.00

Gary Jeffers                              $2000.00

Richard Lackey                         $2000.00

Richard Lackey                         $2000.00

Richard Lackey                         $1134.00

Johnny Rollins                          $ 1500.00        

Sarah Simpkins                       $1500.00

Rachel Stefanini                      $1500.00

Dallas Stephens                      $ 200.00

Jessica Vance                        $1500.00

Patty Watson                         $1500.00

AgEP Approvals for Supervisors

Ken Brown                             $ 2000.00               Nutrient Management

Zachary Winters                     $1500.00                Urban Ag

Freda Woods                         $1500.00                Urban Ag