WVCA Brand Identity

The design standards provided here have been developed to ensure a consistent presentation of our logo and associated colors. As you prepare to use the West Virginia Agency logo, please read and respect our logo usage guidelines that have been established to maintain and standardize our brand identity.


The West Virginia Conservation Agency logo is the foundation for our brand identity. The Signature logo is the preferred format for all high Visibility applications. Do not use the Symbol or logo text separately. One of the most important components of the brand image is the color. Conservation Green and Blue have been established as our primary colors. Accurate reproductions of the agency colors is essential.

Conservation Green Conservation Blue
CMYK: 87C 40M 91Y 39K CMYK: 100C 98M 28Y 25K
RGB: 20R 85G 50B RGB: 16R 24G 100B
Hex: #145532 Hex: #101864

Logo Fonts
Lucidia Calligraphy Italic
Futura PT Book


Signature Logo PNG (link to actual size image):

PNG Version: WVCA Logo.png
PDF version: WVCA Logo.pdf

Alternate Logo PNG (link to actual size image):

PNG Version:WVCA Horizontal Logo.png
PDF Version:WVCA Horizontal Logo.pdf