The West Virginia Soil Tunnel Trailer

The West Virginia Soil Tunnel Trailer is currently scheduling schools and events for April through September 2022. Please contact to inquire about availability and pricing.

The West Virginia Soil Tunnel Trailer (WVSTT) is an 18-foot tandem-axle box trailer that serves as a mobile learning unit for soil, water, agricultural specialty crops, and non-point source pollution. This dynamic mobile unit is stationed in Kanawha County, and is available to service all of West Virginia.

The 100 percent ADA-compliant unit has sculpted interior walls with the left 16-foot wall serving as the Soil Health Wall, with the right wall serving as an agricultural Specialty Crops Wall. At 8 feet wide, the back wall serves as a soil and water litter and pollution control education wall. The left side of the back wall depicts clean water with healthy fish, lily pads, a crawdad and a duck floating from the ceiling. The right side depicts the effects of litter and contamination, showing sickly wildlife and litter such as a tire, 10-gallon drum, plastic bottles, construction waste and household rubbish. The "pond" sculpture extends from the wall and onto the ceiling, where the duck is swimming and roots from the lily pads hang down.

Our targeted audience is very diverse; we will be able to accommodate this diversity due to the complex construction and design of the WVSTT. The topics of discussion would typically focus on what makes up soil and the layers of the soil profile, as well as the organisms in the soil and their benefits to the soil and quality of water; the effects of pollution and litter on fish, plants and wildlife; non-point source pollution, which may include illegal dumping; and malfunctioning septic systems, which will ultimately affect the soil and water quality.

The WVSTT benefits all West Virginians young and old through education. What one has learned and absorbed by learning can never be taken away nor wasted. After an afternoon with the WVSTT, a child or even an adult will carry with them the knowledge that dirt and is not just dirt and that water is not to be taken for granted; it is soil, it is water and it is alive! It's alive and so very important to our everyday life. Our goals include education about the effects that litter has on our waterways, as well as erosion and loss of topsoil. The program curriculum has a focused audience in schools of 3rd through 5th grade but can be utilized in other grade levels as well.

With the WVSTT we can allow each person who walks inside the opportunity to see what they cannot normally see, feel what they would not normally feel, and learn what is generally not taught.

For pricing and scheduling please contact Aimee Figgatt:

Aimee Neeley Figgatt
Outreach Specialist, WV Conservation Agency
255 Gus R. Douglass Lane
Charleston, WV 25312

Contact Information:
Phone: 304.380.6336

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