2019 District News

November District Newsletter - 11/27/19
posted by: Canna Steele

Equipment for Rent - 11/27/19
posted by: Canna Steele
The Elk Conservation District offers the following equipment for rent:
2 & 4 Ton Spreaders
No Till Seeder
Weed Wiper & Sprayers
Potato Planter and Harvester
Please contact the ECD office at 304-765-2535 or ecd@wvca.us for additional information.

Agricultural Enhancement Application Approvals - 7/25/19
posted by: Canna Steele
The Elk Conservation District Board of Supervisors, serving Braxton, Clay, Nicholas, and Webster counties, met on Thursday, July 25, 2019 and approved the following applications for Agricultural Enhancement Cost Share Assistance. 
PRACTICE                            COOPERATOR                    APPROVAL AMOUNT
Division Fence                   Randy Tucker                    $1,000.00
Cover Crop                          Donald Burroughs            $120.00                 (DISTRICT SUPERVISOR)
                                            Donna Harper                    $135.00
Lime                                      Damon Kincaid                  $1,207.50
                                              Charles Stalnaker             $1,347.50
                                                Bret Singleton                   $2,000.00
                                                Lawrence Bailes                 $315.00                
                                                Jackie Butler                       $2,000.00            
                                                Randy Tucker                     $1,837.50            
                                                Chad Hanks                        $175.00                
                                                Tim Bailes                            $1,620.50            
                                                Lawrence Bailes                 $399.00                
                                                Michael Shamblin            $350.00                
                                                Linda Brown                       $1,785.00            
                                                Ray Teets                            $588.00                
                                                James McClung                 $1,550.50            
                                                Merle Hartley                    $1,925.00            
                                                Phyllis Grove                      $2,000.00            
                                                James Hannah Sr.             $1,400.00            
                                                Mike Romano                    $525.00                
                                                James Stone                       $455.00                
                                                Wetzel McCoy                   $357.00                
                                                Rick Hart                              $1,144.50            
                                                Patrick Nettles                  $288.75                
                                                Benjamin Mullens            $1,494.50            
                                                Mike Nuckles                     $392.00
Please contact the ECD office with any questions at 304-765-2535 or by email at ecd@wvca.us. 

February Newsletter - 2/8/19
posted by: Canna Steele

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