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Stream Partners

The West Virginia Stream Partners Program is a cooperative effort of the West Virginia Conservation Agency, West Virginia's Division of Environmental Protection, Division of Forestry, and the Division of Natural Resources. The program staff is housed within the DEP's Division of Water and Waste Management.

We offer grants and technical assistance to help watershed association form partnerships to complete sustainable watershed improvement projects that have long-term effects on the community and watershed.

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What is a Stream Partner?
A community-based organization comprised of local citizens, industry, environmental groups, sportsmen, local government, and landowners that are interested in improving the quality of life in and around their stream and watershed. Members must live within the watershed.
A Stream Partner...

  • Identifies the issues affecting the stream and the watershed
  • Forms community-based partnerships to accomplish present and future watershed improvement projects and goals
  • Completes a watershed improvement project that will restore, protect, or enhance the stream or watershed
  • Establishes a reputation in the community as a voice of the people that gets results
  • Educates the community on the importance of restoring, protecting, and enhancing the stream or watershed
  • Is willing to match 20% of a $5,000 seed grant with cash and/or in-kind service contributions to complete sustainable watershed improvement projects

What Stream Partners can do for you:

  • Help organize a community-based watershed association
  • Assist is selecting and prioritizing your watershed improvement projects
  • Find technical and financial resource assistance to complete sustainable watershed improvement projects
  • Assist in the development of stakeholders and partnerships for watershed associations
  • Facilitate watershed association meetings and planning

Types of Watershed Improvement Projects Funded:

  • Fish and wildlife habitat creation and enhancement
  • Stream bank stabilization and erosion and sediment control
  • Education and outreach on the importance of restoring, protecting, and enhancing streams and watersheds
  • Clean-up projects that remove debris and litter from stream banks, in conjunction with a sustainable watershed improvement project
  • Water quality monitoring and water quality improvement projects
  • Wetland restoration

Note: Applications that include a variety of the projects mentioned above are given a higher priority.

Stream Partner’s Grant Applications

If you have a project and feel you could use some financial help to support your volunteer efforts there is an opportunity to apply for Stream Partners funds on September 15th of every year.
The grant year is from January 1 - December 31 each year.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a broad based community organization whose members live in the watershed 
  • Be a 501 c(3) organization or have a partner 501 C(3) organization to receive the funding
  • Be up to date with any previous SPP grant report requirements
  • Have a project you can complete within the grant year
  • Submit an itemized detailed budget outlining how requested funds will be spent and show a 20% match
  • Be willing to have the Board of Director’s meet with the Basin Coordinator to sign a grant agreement before receiving the check
  • Be willing to adhere to all reporting deadlines and requirements 

To apply:
Applicants must submit a signed cover sheet and the answers to the six application questions to:

Jennifer Pauer
601 57th St, SE
Charleston, WV 25304
Or Jennifer.pauer@wv.gov
Download the Application below in Adobe PDF format
PDFDownload Application


To Request an Extension for the Final Report use the following form:
PDF Final Report - Extension Request

Reporting Requirements:

  • Any changes to the budget must be approved in advance by your Basin Coordinator.
  • Reports require copies of paid receipts for all purchases. Invoices are not acceptable.
  • If no receipt is available bank statements or copies of both sides of checks will be accepted. See “No Proof of purchase document”.
  • You must submit electronic photos with captions to illustrate the groups’ accomplishments. These will be used for the annual Stream Partners Yearbook.
  • A final report is due on the January 31st deadline. If your project is not complete you request an extension within the report.

Match Requirements
General volunteer labor will be valued at minimum hourly wage, unless the applicant can demonstrate that such services would normally be valued above that wage in the area served by the applicant'

If the volunteer is performing a specific specialized service, the value is based on the type of labor or service provided as a donation, not the volunteer's normal wage rate.

For Specialized Skills Donated, see rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: http://www.bls.gov/bls/blswage.htm

Technical Assistance
The goal of the Stream Partners Program is to create sustainable organizations for environmental protection and restoration. Our staff is available to assist you with organizational development and project implementation. We encourage you to work with your Basin Coordinator. They can answer eligibility questions, identify potential projects, assist with applications, and review drafts.
Thank you for all of your efforts to improve West Virginia’s streams and rivers. If you have questions please contact your Basin Coordinator or Jennifer Pauer at 1-800-654-5227, jennifer.pauer@wv.gov

Basin Coordinator Map and Contact Information

PDF Open/Download PDF


Grant Reporting


 Final Form Sworn Statement
 Sworn Statement Report
 64-2-1(a) accountability requirements for state funds and grants

 Mid-Term Report
 No Proof of Purchase
 Cover Sheet
 Application Questions
 Download Brochure
 Acceptable Documentation
 Grant Writing Tips
 Mileage Reimbursement
 Grant Policy and Procedure
 Legislative Rule on Awarding SPP Grants


2013 Yearbook
2012 Yearbook
2010-2011 Yearbook
2006 Yearbook
2004 Yearbook

Important Dates

- September 15
Grant application deadline.

- January 1
Grant year begins.

- July 31
Mid-term report deadline.

- December 31
Watershed improvement project completion deadline and grant year ends.

- January 31 of following year
Final report deadline, report must include: report form, ledger and copies of all receipts. Original receipts are to be kept on file.

Contact Information


Local Number:
(304) 926-0495

Mailing Address:
WV Department of Environmental Protection
601 57th Street, SE
Charleston, WV 25304


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