Stream Partners Program

WV Stream Partners is a multi-agency program supported by the WV Conservation Agency, WV Department of Environmental Protection, WV Division of Natural Resources and WV Division of Forestry.

Mission and Requirements of the Program
It is the purpose of the program to encourage citizens to work in partnership with appropriate state agencies so that the state's rivers and streams: (a) Are safe for swimming, fishing, and other forms of recreation; (b) can support appropriate public and commercial purposes; and (c) can provide habitat for plant and animal life.

The West Virginia Stream Partners Program shall provide grants up to $5,000 to organizations composed of representatives located in the immediate area of the identified stream who are dedicated to achieving the program's purpose.

Eligibility is determined by an organization’s mission statement and membership.

The West Virginia Stream Partners Program Act legislation passed in 1996.WV code §22-13-1

Application Assistance
The SPP has four regional Basin Coordinators who will help you organize, identify projects and partners, and assist with grant writing. All applicants must meet with the Basin Coordinator prior to the September 15th deadline to be sure your organization and application meet the program’s purpose and requirements.