2018 District News

FY 2019 Agriculture Enhancement Program Approved Applications - 7/10/18
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

The following applications have been approved on July 2, 2018 for the Agriculture Enhancement Program


Heavy Use Protection Area

Clay Bailey     up to $500.00


Pollinator Program     all up to $225

Melissa Jarvis

David Fisher

Hannah Reed

Sarah Galaska

Shannon Watson

Lindsay Richardson


Urban Agriculture Program     all up to $300.00

Robert Adkins                  Sarah Hicks

Melissa Jarvis                   Peggy Palmer

David Fisher                     Hannah Reed

Sarah Galaska                  Amy Parsons White

Shannon Watson             Sylvia Walton

David Whanger



James Summers               19 acres/up to $750.00

Philip Chapman                5 acres/up to $225.00


Nutrient Management

Ralph Monday  up to $1000.00


2019 Agriculture Enhancement Program Poster and Information - 6/5/18
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

2019 Invasive Species Application - 6/5/18
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

Invasive Species Application


2019 Frost Seed Application - 6/5/18
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

Frost Seed Application


2019 Nutrient Management Application - 6/5/18
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

Nutrient Management Application


2019 Lime Application - 6/5/18
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

Lime Application


2019 Heavy Use Protection Area Application - 6/5/18
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

Heavy Use Protection Area


2019 Pollinator Planting Application - 6/5/18
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2019 Urban Agriculture Program Application - 6/5/18
posted by: Aimee Figgatt

Agriculture Enhancement Program URBAN AGRICULTURE APPLICATION


District Conservation Farm of the Year - 1/29/18
posted by: Dreama Brand

Congratulations to district Conservation Farmers of the Year, Michael and Carolyn Edwards.

Michael and Carolyn Edwards own the 42 acre Four Oaks and Forge Farm in southwest Kanawha County off of Smith Creek Road.  Michael began working with the Capitol Conservation District and the Natural Resources Conservation Service in 2013 with the development of a Conservation Plan.  Through that plan, he has taken advantage of several programs through both agencies to improve pastures through grazing management, application of lime and fertilizer, and frost seeding.  He has also installed divisional fences and additional water sources to facilitate rotational grazing.  Michael improved water quality on his farm by installing gutters on his barn to direct water away from feeding areas and excluding livestock from the pond and wetland on his property.

In 2015, their farm was awarded WV Century Farm status through the WV Association of Conservation Districts.  The Edwards’ farm is one third of the 110 acre Alford Farm owned and operated by Carolyn’s family for over 100 years. 

Michael continues to regularly test soil, apply nutrients, and rotational graze patures to maintain a high level of conservation on his farm.  Michael is an excellent steward of the land and has done an excellent job of bringing his property back into a working farm.  For those efforts, we are honoring Michael and Carolyn Edwards’ farm as the 2017 Capitol Conservation District Conservation Farm.