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AgEP Financial Assistance Approved for 2017 - 8/2/17
posted by: Sherry Pearson

The Western Conservation District has approved the following cooperators for financial assistance through the Agricultural Enhancement Program.   

Updated as of August 15, 2017 Board Meeting.    

Approved for the practice of Lime:

Don Hussell

Beverly Casto                               

Greg Taylor                                  

Donald Johnson               

Elizabeth Wilson              

Timothy Hunt                              

Dan Foglesong                 

John McCarty                               

Don Barr                           

H&H Farms LLC                

Donnie Ennis                                

David Mercer                               

Robert Michels                

Leonard Kessell                

Robert Harless                             

Carol S. Young                  

Roy McClure                                

Mike Stone                                   

Fred Zuspan                                 

Patty Wood                                  

Pat Boggess                                  

Jeneva Crum                                

Samuel Craddock             

Alisha Cain                                   

Alan Staats

Scott Cornell                                

Joe Casto                          

Everett Randolph             

Harry David Snowden      

Leona McFann                 

Timothy Witt                                

Roger Wood                                 

Edmund Austin                

Russell Phelps                                                      


Approved for the practice of Frost Seeding:

Mike Stone

William Maynard             

Boyd Williams                              

Dale Stone                                    

Forrest Deweese              

Keith Casto                                                                       


Approved for the practice of Cover Crop:

Charles Lipscomb, District Supervisor                                                             


Approved for the practice of a Water System:

Neil Bumgarner

Duane Duffer                                            

Samuel Craddock                    

Trenton Schoonover                              

Kenneth Keebaugh                

Ben White                                  

Ed Smolder                                

Pat Boggess                               

Robert Parsons                                        

Loretta Kelly                                              

Edward Stoffel                                         

Jason Parsons                                           

Beverly Randolph                    

Stephen Bird                                             


Approved for the practice of Exclusion Fence: 

Lewis Elliott

Joey Stewart                                             

Mark Martin


Approved for the practice of Division Fence:

John McCarty

Loretta Kelly                                              

Shane Loomis                                           

Ed Smolder                                

Neil Bumgarner                                       

Trenton Schoonover

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