The Stream Partners Program requires a mid-term report and a final report. Both reports require:

  •          • A list of your group's accomplishments within the grant year
  •          • A list of the partners for your project
  •          • Pictures, with captions, related to your work
  •          • A budget showing your expenses and your grant match
  •          • Receipts to show that money was spent as outlined in your budget

The program is very strict about accounting, as required by West Virginia State Code and the Code of State Rules. We must see a document that proves the money went out from your watershed group for the purpose you list. The ideal document is a receipt in which the vendor indicates they have been paid. See Acceptable Purchase Documentation at left.

The program is also very strict about reimbursing mileage. You must use the Mileage Reimbursement Form and charge the State approved mileage rate.

Reports are submitted using Google Forms at this link: Google Form Report
If you have questions or need assistance please contact your Basin Coordinator