Grant Application Process

Once you have met with your Basin Coordinator to prioritize a project or projects to improve your watershed and set specific, measurable goals that are attainable within the grant year, you are ready to complete the grant application.


Applications are to be completed in Google Forms ( and include the budget spreadsheet format provided sent via email to by midnight on September 15th. Our grant processing timeline does not allow for the acceptance of applications past the deadline.


SPP Eligibility Criteria for Previously Funded Applicants

    Program staff will track progress and compliance to determine eligibility each year. Previously funded organizations that meet eligibility requirements only need to complete the WV Stream Partners Program Application.
  •     • Mid-term report for previous year - complete by deadline and approved by Basin Coordinator
  •     • $500 or less balance in any grant two years or older
  •     • Past performance compliance on project completion and record keeping


Four regional Basin Coordinators are available to facilitate project planning, budget development and partner recruitment. Please reach out to them prior to the application deadline.

Unallowable Expenses

  • ● Lobbying
  • ● Fundraising costs
  • ● Penalties or late fees – IRS late fees
  • ● Alcohol
  • ● Donations or grants to other organizations
  • ● Trash bags, gloves, and tongs (REAP )
  • ● Landfill disposal fees (REAP)
  • ● Adult trout for stocking (DNR)
  • ● Computers
  • ● Boats
  • ● Hand tools including chainsaws and weed eaters
  • ● Door prizes, gifts, or give away items


WV Stream Partners Program Application

Please be prepared to complete these questions in Google Forms.
You may want to paste from a word document that you save for your records

Organization Name:
Contact Person:
Email Address:

1. Describe your organizations’ ability to achieve, within the grant year, a specific improvement project that enhances the identified stream or streams. 45 pts

This description must include the on-the-ground stream-improvement project, the materials the SPP funds will purchase, along with the tasks and outputs you will use to measure success within the year of the award. Projects must address the issues that affect your stream’s health and achieve the purpose of the program to improve water quality, public recreational uses and enhance habitat. If your project is funded by another grant, you must still describe the project and list the total cost of the project in the budget as match.

2. Describe your organization’s commitment to educate the citizens living within the watershed about the benefits of restoring, protecting, and enhancing the stream or streams in a responsible manner. 35 pts

This description must include the education and outreach efforts you will use to increase public awareness of your organization’s mission, recruit members and promote the importance of stream health. Explain how the SPP funds will be used to support these events or publications.

3. Itemized Budget 20 pts SPP provides sample spreadsheet budget that should be used as a template and submitted as an attachment.

The budget must be a detailed, itemized list of all materials needed for the implementation of the project and outreach efforts. The budget categories/headers must include the project(s) described in the response to question #1 and the outreach efforts described in the response to question #2. Any administration costs must be line items within the budget for the project they support. This grant requires but is not limited to a 20% match. There is a 20% cap on paying for salaries/services. These include watershed staff, accountants, equipment operators, educators, consultants, and designers.