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Grassland Evaluation Contest

What is the Purpose of the Contest?

Developed by the West Virginia Grassland Steering Committee, the purpose is to improve the participants' knowledge of grassland management. The West Virginia Grassland Steering Committee is an organization made up of farmers, educators, scientists, conservationists, and government agencies with a common interest in forages.
The committee is an advocate and proponent for improvement and continued wise use of grassland to improve water quality and maintain healthy and productive land and maximize profits.

Why is Grassland Management Important?

The most basic human need is for food. Grassland is essential in meeting that need. Forages make up two thirds or more of the feed utilized for livestock. Forages are also very important to the health of the environment. They provide food and shelter for wildlife as well as greatly reduce soil erosion, and protect water quality.

Who May Participate?

A contest team may consist of a maximum of 4 or a minimum of 3 FFA or 4-H members who are currently enrolled at the high school level.

PDF Consent/Release Form

PDF Registration Form

PDF Grassland Eval Contest Brochure 2024

PDF Teacher Guide and Policy Manual

PDF Key Contacts

The "All Scorecards" link contains the set in one file, but must have Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed to download/view files.
The individual files are listed below it for convenience and can be opened normally

PDF All Scorecards (PDF Portfolio - Must have Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed - Individual contents listed below)


How Can I Get More Information?

You may contact Katy McBride at 304-557-3128 or katy.mcbride@usda.gov

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