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Flood Plan

After three years of development, the WV Flood Protection Task Force, with help from Senator Robert C. Byrd, has presented the first ever West Virginia Statewide Flood Protection Plan. The plan was presented to a joint committee of the West Virginia Legislature, which is evaluating flood protection options. The WV Flood Protection Task Force is made up of many state and federal agencies and is lead by the WV Conservation Agency (WVCA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Below you will find the West Virginia Statewide Flood Plan in Adobe PDF Format. We've divided these PDF files into sections due to the size document. Download a section by clicking the PDF Icon located to the right section

Download the complete West Virginia Statewide Flood Protection Plan PDF (12.6MB)




Executive Summary PDF  (142KB)
1. Introduction PDF  (939KB)
2. Issues Identification and Assessment PDF  (181KB)
3. Identification of Existing Roles PDF  (1.6MB)
4. Present Activities and Roles PDF  (400KB)
5. Proposed Projects PDF  (120KB)
6. Needs and Recommendations PDF  (408KB)

A. Floodplain Management PDF  (296KB)
B. Flood-Warning System PDF  (772KB)
C. Floodplain Mapping PDF  (2.7MB)
D. Flood Damage Assessment PDF  (345KB)
E. Building Codes, Permitting and Enforcement PDF  (143KB)
F. Environmental Impacts of Flooding PDF  (1MB)
G. Stream Crossings and Access Roads PDF  (410KB)
H. Dredging and Stream Channel Restoration PDF  (615KB)
I. Resource Extraction PDF  (343KB)
J. Stormwater Management PDF  (594KB)
K. Education PDF  (137KB)
L. Strategy To Reduce Damages To Existing Flood Prone Structures And Facilities PDF  (850KB)
M. WVDEP List of Deficient Dams PDF  (75KB)
N. Summary of Public Comments Reveived PDF  (234KB)
O. Glossary PDF  (87KB)
P. Contact Information PDF  (70KB)


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