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EWP Contract Requirements

Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP), Storm Recovery Blockage Removal

This Emergency E-mail Contact List is for State and Federal declared Emergencies, Storm Recovery Blockage Removal from streams.
Contractors will be notified by E-mail that a job showing will be held for a EWP event. The Location and time will be sent out.

Only Contractors who complete all portions of this page and attach required documentation will receive an E-mail notification in an EWP, Storm Blockage Removal event.

To be placed on Emergency E-mail Contact List, the contractor will need to be in good standing with the State and Federal Government and is able to meet minimum requirements on equipment.

Good Standing Requirements

  1. Contractor's License with one of the following classification: B - General Building, C - General Engineering, or 002- Excavation
  2. Business License
  3. Certificate of Liability Insurance
    To be eligible the contractor shall not be listed on the following:
  1. State Debarred Vendor List
  2. Federal Debarment or Suspension List
  3. Default on Unemployment Taxes
  4. Employer Violators List for Unemployment Taxes
  5. Default on Workers' Compensation
  6. Employer Violators List for Workers' Compensation

Minimum Requirements for a Basic Equipment & Personnel Set

1. Hydraulic Excavator with thumb, minimum of 89 H.P. and operator
2. On-Highway Dump Truck -minimum of 250 H.P., minimum 10 cubic yard Bed and operator
3. Laborer w/ hand tools (example Chainsaw, cable/chain, shovel, and etc...)

Equipment & Personnel Set may vary in size. Contractors will be told what additional equipment and personnel will be needed to bid on work.

Contract may be HOURLY or LUMP SUM

You will be asked to provide Hourly Rates for Equipment w/ operator and Hourly Rate for Laborers. The amount of expected Hours for this job will be provided.

In this case contractors are showed the sites and provide a bid to complete all sites.


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